The Basic Plan: for a Time Crunch or Budget

by Mage, NCTM

UPDATE: As of 2023, the Basic plan now includes 15 minutes of live lesson time (via Zoom) with the teacher, but students have the option to send videos for review during that 15 minutes (can even review them live!). 😎

Music lessons with a qualified music teacher can be both time-consuming and costly, but they don’t have to be as high as expected. With efficient and easy-to-use technologies, lessons with a private qualified music teacher now feature different learning modalities.

Learn When You Want and Receive Personalized Feedback

No more worrying about scheduling a lesson into your hectic schedule! Simply show up and upload videos and audio recordings to your teacher who will then evaluate your playing and provide you with personalized tips to help you improve as a musician. Of course, you are always welcome to request office hours and meet live with the teacher!

The Basic Plan Includes:

  • Weekly Video/Audio Assessments
  • Select Recitals/Workshops
  • Priority Access to Office Hours
  • Tonara Practice Tracking App
  • Regular Access to Coaching from Dedicated Nationally Certified Teacher of Music
Learn More About the Basic Plan: Perfect for Those in a Time Crunch or Budget!
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