Are you a musician, music teacher, or music teachers association/chapter that needs help with designing or maintaining a website? Look no further! I combine my expertise in music artistry, music education, and computer technology to give you a personalized service that puts your best face forward on the internet.


  • Full Website Service
  • Website Building Tutorials/Lessons
  • Ongoing Maintenance
  • One-Time Assistance on an As-Needed Basis


Initial Consultation


  • 1 hour private Zoom videoconference
  • Options, advice, and referrals, if necessary, will be provided.

1 Hour Live + 1 Week of Support


  • 1 hour private Zoom videoconference
  • 1 Week of Asynchronous Support (the work will be done for you without you having to be there)

Basic Maintenance/Tutoring Plan


  • Maintenance and/or tutoring provided throughout the month
  • Option available to purchase private 1-hour Zoom videoconferences as needed

Extra Private Consultation


  • For clients already on the Basic Maintenance/Tutoring Plan or need an additional hour during their Week of Support
  • 1 hour private Zoom videoconference