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⭐️ Mage’s Choice: Best Singing Method Books

by Mage, NCTM When learning how to sing, a well-written and easy-to-follow method book paired with a highly qualified teacher of singing can go a long ways to support your voice studies. What is a method book? In music, a method book is a textbook that covers either a certain instrument or a certain style or

How to Increase Exposure for Your Creativity: 4 Essential Tips for Musicians

Guest post by Marissa Perez Do you dream of getting your songs out there? Perhaps you’re looking for an audience to share your music with. Ultimately, if you’re creative, exposure is everything. You need exposure for financial freedom, to live your dream, and also to validate what you’re doing. If you’re looking for tips to

The Basic Plan: for a Time Crunch or Budget

by Mage, NCTM Music lessons with a qualified music teacher can be both time-consuming and costly, but they don’t have to be as high as expected. With efficient and easy-to-use technologies, lessons with a private qualified music teacher now feature different learning modalities. Learn When You Want and Receive Personalized Feedback No more worrying about

How to Make Sure Your New Music Business Stays in Harmony

Guest post by Katie Conroy How to Make Sure Your New Music Business Stays in Harmony Everyone has always told you that you should teach music, work as a studio guitarist, or write jingles. Well, now’s the time to prove them right. You’re good at what you do, but running a business is far different

How Music Can Help Your Child with All Types of Literacy Skills

Guest Post by Courtney Rosenfeld Whether you’re talking about the ability to read, write, comprehend complex thoughts and scenarios, or the ability to recognize and follow speech, literacy takes on many meanings when it comes to childhood development. While focusing on talking and reading in the home is of paramount importance, music can play a

Money-Making Techniques for Musicians When Performing Isn’t an Option

by Courtney Rosenfeld, Guest Author Although every industry has felt the impact of the pandemic, entertainment has been struck particularly hard. Over the last year, performers of all stripes have been unable to practice their craft in public venues. Although restrictions are loosening up as vaccinations are underway, we still may be several months away

Apps To Enhance Your Musical Aptitude

by Courtney Rosenfeld You have everything you need in the palm of your hand to become the next John Lennon. Okay, maybe not, but your phone can help you master your instrument of choice. Want to pretend you’re a rock god? There’s an app for that. Ready to compose the next Old Town Road? There’s

Benefits of Learning an instrument: The Ultimate Guide

by Richard Allen The following article from Evergreen Workshop has three different parts: Introduction Benefits of learning an instrument for children Benefits of Learning an instrument for adults Let us know what you think about it in the comments below!

Music and Mindfulness For Stress Reduction

Here is a link to an article written by drum expert Gideon: From Gideon: My name is Gideon, and I am a professional drum tutor based in London, having studied Music at the University of Westminster. Alongside drums, I have a deep interest in mindfulness and I am qualified to teach mindfulness-based stress reduction programs. My