Schedule Exchange

24 hours notice is required for reschedules including swaps.

To request an exchange with another student’s schedule please fill out the form below to join the schedule exchange swap list. You may also sign up by sending a message in Tonara or Google Chat, or by filling the form below.

• All swap exchanges are requested through the Tonara or Google Chat apps in the swap group chat which you will join. 24 hours notice required from both parties.

• Since a free time slot is rare and teaching days are full it is advisable that you swap your lesson with another student if possible. If you are unable to find another student to swap lessons Mage will send you video recordings that you are expected to watch and follow, and you are recommended to send back audio or video recordings of your playing for evaluation so that you do not completely “lose out” on the lesson. In addition, office hours are available on Thursdays so that you can still meet live.

• Lessons exchanged must be of the same duration; you are allowed to swap a partial lesson too (for example you may swap 3/4 of your 60-minute lesson for another student’s 45-minute lesson; the remaining 15 minutes will be used by the teacher to make video lessons for you).

• Please watch your Google Calendar as confirmed schedule exchanges will be processed there.

• Please note that by requesting a time slot here your appointment is not yet confirmed until you have accepted your lesson invitation via Apple/Google CalendarMore info

Join the Swap List