Studio Policy

Last updated April 10, 2022.


  • High-level performance and creative studio; consultation required before lessons may commence.
  • Designated live office hours days are held per year.
  • Private time slots are available 44 weeks of the year.
  • See events page for studio calendar.
  • To find out what time slots are available or to audition please register.
  • 30 days notice must be given to discontinue lessons.
  • There are no make-ups or refunds for missed or canceled lessons.
  • If you arrive late to your lesson, you will only have the remaining lesson time.
  • Please visit the new students page to see tuition rates.
  • Credit/Debit is the easiest method of payment. PayPal also accepted. AUTOPAY is the default payment method. All accounts on manual billing are subject to a $5/month account maintenance fee.
  • All students will need not only an instrument but also technology equipment to allow for the best audio and video quality possible. This ensures that the teacher is able to evaluate you as thoroughly as possible. Books may also be recommended for you to purchase yourself.
  • Parents/guardians of child students are welcome and encouraged to be present during part or all of the lesson.



  • Lessons are held on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Mage Music is closed on Fridays and Saturdays; no instruction will be given on Fridays and Saturdays (with the exception of workshops held on Saturdays), and you may not receive a response on those days. 
  • Availability – Due to a lengthy waiting list please note that your booking is NOT yet confirmed until your first month and registration fee are paid in full. In addition for spots to be considered confirmed the Google Calendar appointment with invitation from Mage Music and Zoom meeting information must be visible on either your Apple or Google calendar depending on what device/app you use; this will be sent to you via an invitation that you must accept in order to confirm (instructions are on the Book Lessons page).
  • Due to the teaching schedule please allow up to 24 hours for a response time.  I do my very best to get back to you the same day.  There is no booking or scheduling staff, so I am the only one who answers all calls, emails, and messages.  If you consent to being called or messaged after 9:00 PM PT please say so in your message; otherwise some calls and messages may be answered via email or Google Chat/Tonara or returned the following day. The best communication options are listed at .


  1. Visit , select New Students, and then select Register Now.
  2. Indicate whether you are an adult student or a parent of a child student.
  3. Enter your information. Indicate your musical goals, previous experience, intro, availability, and instrument(s) near the bottom of the form.
  4. We will then have a consultation to answer any of your questions and to clarify studio expectations.
  5. Wait for the registration letter which will be sent to you via email using DocuSign.
  6. Review the studio policy and sign the letter using DocuSign (all devices/platforms). The letter includes reference to the studio policy; signing the letter indicates that you agree with the studio policy.
  7. Once your signed copy is received, you will be asked to update billing information, and the initial payment will be processed—this is typically the first month of lessons plus the $20 registration fee and recital fee (up to $25), if applicable (the recital fee may be lower depending on the tuition plan that you select and at which point in the year you register for lessons).
  8. Pay the initial invoice, register for autopay, and then the Google Calendar schedule confirmation will be sent to you. Confirmed appointments are sent via Google Calendar, and billing transactions appear on the Duet Partner website.

    Note: ALL of the above steps MUST be completed in order for lessons to be confirmed.


  • Each lesson requires a minimum of 24-hour advance notice in order to be eligible for reschedule (typically done via a lesson time slot swap with another student).
  • Since almost all time slots are filled with lessons for other students and there is only one teacher the best way to reschedule our lesson is to use the voluntary schedule exchange swap list which will allow you to connect with other students and families who might be willing to swap their lesson time slot with yours. As there is no guarantee that a spot will be available it is a good idea to plan in advance if you need to exchange your scheduled lesson with that of another student.
  • If less than 24 hours notice is given or if you are unable to find another student with whom to swap your lesson you will be billed for the entire lesson, and in lieu of a live lesson you will be provided with a video recording with content that would have normally been given to you during your scheduled lesson. 

    Send and receive invitations in Calendar on iPhone

    Respond to event invitations (Google Calendar, Android)
  • A 30-day discontinuation notice is required; with proper notice your autopay will terminate, and you will no longer get billed, and you will be removed from the schedule. For example if you wish to end lessons at the end of May please let the teacher know by May 1st. Your registration letter might have an end date that is far out in the future, but you may still make a request to discontinue lessons. Notices may be given by following the discontinue and unsubscribe steps on this page:
  • A 30-day notice is required if you wish to downgrade your tuition package.
  • If you wish you discontinue lessons effective at anytime between November 1, 2022 to December 31, 2022, a 60-day notice is required.
  • If your account is has no more lessons remaining on it, it is considered inactive, and you will not be able to log into until you have registered for more lessons. You will also be placed as inactive if you cancel your account or do not have any lessons left on your account. Please see the Payments, Fees, Schedule, & Rates section for information about re-registration fees which apply when you have not taken lessons for more than 1 month.
  • Since lessons are available on a “first come, first serve” basis time slots can only be secured if they are already paid for. In order to remain on a recurring schedule a valid payment method (credit/debit or PayPal) must remain on file in order to secure your future lessons—this billing method is known as autopay.  Accounts that are NOT on autopay are subject to a $10 monthly administration fee and are only able to book their lessons a month at a time and are not guaranteed the same recurring time slot the following month. If you still have unpaid lessons, and your payment is past due you will be removed from the schedule. This administration fee may be applied only once if you purchase multiple months of lessons at a time.
  • Changes to the teacher’s schedule and availability may occur as a result of the following, and in these cases at least 24 hours notice will be given to you in the event that your lesson requires rescheduling:
    • Semester class schedule changes – As a part-time college faculty at Antelope Valley College I may be asked to teach certain classes in the music department; I will give as much advance notice as possible if a schedule conflict occurs. I will attempt to give 30 days notice whenever possible, but in certain circumstances I will give 24 hours notice to reschedule your lesson.
    • Professional development and organizational meeting obligations – As a part-time faculty at Antelope Valley College and as a member and participant of various music, teacher, and business organizations (Music Teachers National Association, California Association of Professional Music Teachers, Antelope Valley Chambers of Commerce, American Federation of Musicians, Antelope Valley Guitar Society, Music Teachers’ Association of California, Royal Conservatory of Music, and National Association of Teachers of Singing) I may be required to attend meetings to continue my education, contribute to business development/promotion, and provide input to shape music educational strategies. This is an advantage for you as a student or parent/guardian of a student as it ensures that you are being taught by a qualified teacher who is committed to continuing education. This may result in the occasional rescheduling of your lessons, but most of these obligations will be planned in advance to ensure that students’ schedules are largely unaffected.
    • Live Performances – As both a teaching artist and performer/composer I do my very best to ensure that my professional pursuits as an artist do not interfere with my teaching schedule; as a result I try to schedule all of my performances on non-teaching days. That being said there will be performances that are held on fixed dates (for example weddings/funerals/special events), and those may require rescheduling of your lessons—in almost all cases I will often say NO to these events in order to be present for your lessons.
    • Severe Illness/Emergency – I am allowed one week of sick time, but in most cases since lessons are taught via Zoom video conferencing and the Tonara Studio platform, which eliminates the spreading of germs and viruses, I will likely still be there for your lesson.


  • Mage Music Interactive Live Lessons Through Zoom Video Conferencing – Lessons are held at the Mage Music Studio (in Palmdale) and conducted online via Zoom video conferencing. Lessons start on the dot.  If the teacher is late for the lesson for any reason, you will be given additional makeup time either on the same day or on another day depending on the schedule.  If you are late to your lesson please inform the teacher immediately; makeup time is NOT guaranteed in this case but has a possibility of being approved at the discretion of the teacher. If another student has a lesson right after yours and that student is already there then makeup time cannot be given during that student’s time slot.
  • Advantages of Lessons through Zoom and Tonara Studio: Study from anywhere – You may opt to take your live lessons online via Zoom if you have access to your instrument and a good internet connection. Illness – If you are contagious but well enough to do activities you may take your lesson from home online via Zoom.
  • 24 hours notice is required for lessons to be eligible for reschedule through the schedule swap exchange list, and if a spot is not available then you will be given video recordings in lieu of a live lesson (not guaranteed).
  • If you provide less than 24 Hours Notice for Absence – In lieu of a live music lesson you will be given video recording lessons so that you can still have material to learn and work from.
  • HOME STUDIO DISCLAIMER – Please be advised that periodically you will see the presence of a DOMESTIC FELINE (a.k.a. CAT) in the background while I am teaching you. If you are severely allergic to cats and unable to tolerate their presence please be rest assured that taking your lessons online via Zoom and Tonara Studio eliminates any physical contact with the cat. You may ignore or say “hi” to Mango (the cat) as you please; she is friendly.


  • Payment methods accepted: credit, debit, PayPal.
  • IMPORTANT: If you have entered and saved your credit/debit card information into the website that means you agree to be automatically debited. Mage Music offers autopay as the default credit/debit payment option so that you can keep your recurring time slot secured; it also reduces late payments. If you would like to use PayPal for recurring payments, please note that using their PayPal Cash Card (debit card) works more smoothly than using their website to make the payments.
  • Due Date – All payments are due in advance of the lessons.  Payment for monthly lessons is due on the 1st of the month billed, and the billing system will attempt to automatically process your payment on or after the 20th of each month.  For example October lessons would be due in advance on October 1st, and the autopay system will attempt to process your payment method on September 20th.
  • Monthly Billing  – Lessons are billed based on the number of lessons taught per year and paid in monthly installments (usually works out to one lesson per week for students who are on weekly schedules; for the year of 2022 this is 44 lessons in one year).  New students who register for lessons in the middle of the month will be billed for only a partial month. Please refer to the full studio policy registration form for details (available after you register online at the Music Teacher’s Helper site).
  • A “trial month” may be requested if you wish to see if you like the lessons before continuing with them. Please note that the $20.00 new student registration fee will be added to the initial invoice as well as any recital fees for that month (typically only $5.00 per recital). Please also note that after you finish your last lesson of your trial month the time slot you had might not be available if another student managed to reserve it first. If you wish to be added to a waiting list for a particular time slot please indicate that when you make your request to continue with lessons—no guarantees as lessons are available in a “first come, first serve” basis, but we will try.
  • When a payment is 3 days past due the system charges your account a $10 late fee. If your bill is more than 10 days late an accumulating “dollar per day” late fee is assessed to late monthly payments for every day that a payment is past due and unpaid—that means that if you are 12 days late and make your payment on the 10th of the month then your late fee is $12. If your account becomes overdue it is possible that you may be removed from the schedule with future billing discontinued in order to give you the opportunity to pay your overdue balance before resuming lessons.
  • No Refunds – All prepaid music lessons, used or unused, are non-refundable. Unused prepaid lessons, with the proper 24 hours notice given and correct use of the swap exchange list, are eligible for use within 1 month or less from their original scheduled date.
  • Annual Rate Adjustment – In order to cover business costs an annual rate adjustment may be assessed, and if so a 30-day notice will be given to all active clients.
  • Number of Lessons Included – For students who are enrolled on weekly packages most months contain 4 lessons, but some months contain 5, and others contain 2-3. The rate remains the same for ALL months, and that means that if you are on a recurring weekly schedule you will receive 44 lessons in one calendar year.
  • “Bi-Weekly” Lessons/Twice per Month/Irregular Lessons/Extra Lessons – For the best musical progress and learning it is recommended that you take lessons once per week, but if for any reason you are unable to commit to weekly scheduled lessons you may opt for the Basic plan (asynchronous learning with the option to request office hours) OR request extra lessons when time is available. Please ask before considering changing to bi-weekly lessons to make sure that it is going to work best for your individual learning plan. For child students parents/guardians MUST be involved with the learning process in order for irregular or asynchronous lessons to work effectively.
  • Registration Fee – For NEW students a $20.00 non-refundable registration fee applies to the first invoice. For returning students who have not had a lesson for 1 month the registration fee applies again. The registration fee is applied in addition to the first month of lessons. Mage Music may add the registration fee for existing students at the start of the calendar year in order to cover the signing of documents to re-enroll students. *Exception: Students who are taking lessons through Antelope Valley College are exempt from the registration fee.*
  • Recital Fee – (Required by students who are enrolled in recurring live lessons, optional for students on the Basic plan.) Mage Music is proud to be a member of the Music Teachers’ Association of California, Antelope Valley branch, in which students of various teachers get to participate in the recitals that occur five times per year. The recital fee for the entire year of 2022 is $25.00. If you register for lessons partway through the year, only a portion of the recital fee will be charged to you.
  • Monthly Tuition Plans – The 2021 monthly tuition plans for private music lessons include the Basic plan at $120.00/month, the x12 plan at $200.00/month, the x24 plan at $280.00/month, and the x44 plan at $413.33/month.** Extra lessons are offered when time is available; for students on a tuition plan, these extra lessons are $80.00 per session. Each monthly rate plan usually includes 1 lesson per week following a studio calendar of 44 lessons per year (sometimes there may be 2, 3, or 5 lessons in one month). If signing up for lessons in the middle of the month only that portion of the month is billed unless there is already a planned “no class” for a particular week. ** Monthly rate packages affect students who pay for lessons directly through Mage Music; if you are paying through Antelope Valley College, Musika Lessons, Palmdale School of Music, or TakeLessons please refer to your tuition/rate package with your respective payment processor/school.


  • In addition to the cost of music lessons you will be required to purchase books and an instrument if you do not already have one.  You may need to purchase other tools such as a metronome OR download apps that work just as well as standalone tools.
  • Daily practice is required in order to properly benefit from music lessons and succeed in learning. For child students it can make a huge positive difference for parents and/or guardians to be involved in encouraging the student to practice in between lessons. 30 minutes daily (6-7 days per week) is the bare minimum requirement for students who are enrolled in the x44 plan (can be split into 2 different 15-minute practice sessions in one day). More practice may be needed for more advanced material. Students who are enrolled in x12, x24, and x44 must participate in examinations and evaluation programs and therefore must practice daily at least 6 days a week; they must also observe performance workshops.
  • If you have questions about practice assignments please contact the teacher. I am happy to discuss the progress of the student with you; if I feel that the material we discuss is better suited to covering during our lesson time I will let you know. Designated office hours may be requested; you may also send videos, audio recordings, and messages via the Tonara Studio app.
  • Included with every single lesson is a list of lesson notes for each student to review so that he or she knows what to practice for the next lesson. Sometimes lesson notes will be sent the following day due to a busy schedule. All lesson notes are viewable through the Tonara mobile app (Android, iPhone, or iPad). The last 5 minutes of each lesson will be set aside to type up lesson notes for you and wrap up the lesson (there will also be a train whistle chime sounded 10 minutes before your lesson ends).



  • Mage Music has an open door policy for parents/guardians of child students.  Parents/guardians are welcome and encouraged to be present during part or all of the lesson.
  • It is recommended that parents/guardians install the Tonara mobile app as it gives access to the correspondence and assignments.
  • You may record both the audio and video of the lesson as long as you use the recordings for ONLY your own educational learning purposes. Lessons may be recorded, and recordings at the discretion of Mage Music may be used for educational or proportional purposes on the Mage Music website and social media.