Uncover the Benefits of Pursuing a Hobby

Guest post by Katie Conroy Are you looking for a hobby to take your mind off your day-to-day grind? A pastime that will not only help you escape, but also sharpen your mind, keep your body in shape, unleash your creativity, and let you find people to connect with? Here are six hobbies that provide

⭐️ Mage’s Choice: Best Singing Method Books

by Mage, NCTM When learning how to sing, a well-written and easy-to-follow method book paired with a highly qualified teacher of singing can go a long ways to support your voice studies. What is a method book? In music, a method book is a textbook that covers either a certain instrument or a certain style or

How to Increase Exposure for Your Creativity: 4 Essential Tips for Musicians

Guest post by Marissa Perez Do you dream of getting your songs out there? Perhaps you’re looking for an audience to share your music with. Ultimately, if you’re creative, exposure is everything. You need exposure for financial freedom, to live your dream, and also to validate what you’re doing. If you’re looking for tips to

⭐️ Mage’s Choice: Best Piano Method Books

by Mage, NCTM The piano is what is often referred to in music education as a foundational instrument. According to the Music Teachers National Association, “Piano and violin are the most common ‘starter’ instruments because the physical limitations of a child’s body will not allow them to play other instruments until they are older.” At the

⭐️ Mage’s Choice: Best Bass Guitar Method Books

by Mage, NCTM The electric bass (also known as the bass guitar, though there are also acoustic bass guitars!) is an instrument that is best suited to modern styles such as rock, blues, jazz, funk, pop, R&B. In fact if you are planning to do a Royal Conservatory exam (another topic that needs its own article!) you will need