Tuition & Study Plans

Last updated Jul 22, 2022

Lessons are billed monthly and available in the following plans with recurring LIVE lessons being held weekly on most weeks; this translates to 44 lessons per year in accordance with the studio calendar. If there is room in schedule, you may also purchase extra lessons. ⭐️What’s included?

What’s included?

Tuition at Mage Music goes toward the following:
  • Lesson planning, evaluation/examination preparation, organizing recitals/workshops
  • Studio expenses including online ones such as educational software subscriptions
  • Professional member dues for music teachers associations and organizations such as the Music Teachers National Association, California Association of Professional Teachers, and the Music Teachers’ Association of California
  • Education – As a teacher I must continue to broaden my knowledge and expertise in my subject areas. I also attend conferences and undergo annual certification.
  • Business expenses such as credit/debit and PayPal payment processing as well as business licenses and self-employment tax.
  • Time spent communicating with students and families and volunteering for the various teachers associations listed above. I currently serve as the community outreach for the Music Teachers’ Association of California, Antelope Valley branch, and I also hold the position as technology chair for the California Association of Professional Music Teachers.
  • Weekly student assessments that occur in between scheduled lessons. ⭐️ Students on the Basic plan and higher are allowed to send up to 15 minutes of audio and video recordings for a professional written evaluation each week.

Tuition Plans

  • Include weekly live* Zoom video conference lessons.
  • Access to recitals/workshops most months.
  • Follow a calendar schedule that includes 44 lessons per year.

Additional live lessons may be purchased.

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2022 Monthly Tuition Plans for Recurring Lessons Held Weekly

↘️ ⭐️ Private Consultation: $85 for 1 hour, $43 for half hour (half hour does not include coaching).
⭐️ Group Consultation: $30 for 1 hour.
⭐️ A NO charge virtual studio visit is also available during select times.

PLANBasicMusic for Young Children Program (Sunbeams 1 and Moonbeams 1)Full
# of LIVE* Lessons/ YearDuring office hours only.44 Small Group Hours (no more than 6 students per session)44 Private Hours
Weekly Video/Audio Assessments
Private or Group Time Slots

(All plans include group workshops & some recitals)

(⭐️ May purchase extra lessons when time available.)


(⭐️ May purchase extra lessons when time available.)
✅ Private
Purchase Extra Lessons
when time available
PLANBasicMusic for Young Children Program (Sunbeams 1 and Moonbeams 1)Full
*A live lesson is a lesson that takes place in real-time using Zoom video conferencing software.

Extra lessons price points: $85.00 per session for students not on a plan, $80.00 per session for students already on a tuition plan, $85.00 per session for times that are typically reserved for recurring lessons. Please see our events page for available time slots.
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What is included in the Basic plan?

The Basic plan (formerly known as the Ongoing Support package) allows the student to study asynchronously with a private teacher.  This allows efficient use of both parties’ time.  Videos are exchanged in MUCH higher quality than during a live stream or videoconferencing session.

From Tonara (the platform used for music lessons communications at Mage Music):

Ongoing Support packages give you the option to learn from a teacher without holding a live lesson. Support can happen via chat messaging in Tonara Connect or Tonara Studio, where you can receive advice via audio and video recordings and text messages. Through Tonara Studio, you can also receive detailed assignments and track your practice sessions.

A great fit for:

  • If you would like individualized feedback but do not have time to take live lessons at a certain time. Please note: you would still need time to practice of course!
  • If you are on the waiting list and would like some coaching while waiting for a live spot in the schedule.
  • If you have an internet connection that is not strong enough for live lessons.
  • If you prefer to perform without the teacher watching live.

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15-Minute Evaluation
Duration/EvaluationUp to 15 minutesUp to 15 minutes
# of EVALUATIONS†/ MonthUsually 4 (one evaluation per week as per the calendar)

Student may request office hours during select times.
ONE evaluation† (one-time only)
Private or Group?Private – please inquire for group/ensemble optionsPrivate – please inquire for group/ensemble options
$$120.00/month$30.00/evaluation†, can be received on a monthly basis (1 evaluation per month for $30/mo)
†An evaluation is an assessment of the student’s performance. The student is to send voice, audio, or written samples of his/her performances to the teacher, and the teacher will write or make a video evaluation to give feedback to the student.

Video Subscription

The video subscription allows students to access instructional videos as taught by Mage, NCTM. These videos cover various method books, repertoire sheet music, and techniques. Please note that if you would like access to content that covers published material from books and sheet music that you will need to have a licensed copy of the material.

PLANVideo SubscriptionOther Subscription Plans
Duration/EvaluationN/AOther plans are available that combine the video subscription with group or private lessons held monthly–please inquire.
Private or Group?N/A
This subscription does NOT include feedback from the teacher but instead gives you view-only access to premium videos.

†What are evaluations?

Evaluations are written, audio, or video assessments that the teacher sends to the the student in response to the student’s submission of assignments, audio/video performance recordings, and compositions. The Basic plan includes weekly evaluations. It is also possible to combine the Basic plan with 1 or 2 private lessons per month OR add a “mid-week lesson top-up” evaluation to a private lessons or group lessons package—please inquire about options.

Payment is accepted via Credit/Debit or PayPal. The default payment option is autopay. During your first month if a time slot becomes available partway through the month you will be billed for only a portion of that month.

Please read the studio policy at before signing up for lessons.

Please note that by requesting a time slot here your appointment is not yet confirmed until you have signed the registration letter which will be sent to you and you have confirmed your lesson invitation via Apple/Google Calendar. More info:

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