At our studio we believe in the 4 Ps:

  • Passion leads to
  • Practice which creates
  • Progress that we share through
  • Professionalism!

Students who already have the passion for music will practice and make progress that they share through professional performances and compositions.

By using the Tonara platform, students and families are easily able to see what they need to practice and how much to practice. They are also able to easily communicate with their teacher via text, audio, or video!

As a performance-based and composition-based studio* Mage, Nationally Certified Teacher of Music offers recitals, evaluations, examinations, and certificates for students. Oh and prizes! 🏆 🌟 🥇

There are also opportunities for student composers to have their works evaluated and to learn how to use notation and recording software.

Having an external microphone or audio interface is important to have the best sound for performances!

Request a meeting to see if Mage Music is a great fit for your learning goals!

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* Students who study via the Basic plan are not required to attend recitals but are highly encouraged to do so!

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