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⭐️ Based in California | Performer & Songwriter
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  • Start by setting up a meet and greet Zoom session!
  • After our initial meeting, we will decide if we want to do an initial coaching session.
  • We can then decide to enroll in recurring lessons.
  • ⚠️ MOST lessons are conducted online UNLESS it’s a designated recital or workshop OR if students are taking classes with me at Antelope Valley College. Performances are offered both in-person and online depending on the location.

🎼 Music flows through me like blood in my veins. Whether it be jazz, rock, metal, or more, I enjoy, perform, and write in a multitude of genres.

I have been ambitious in writing and performing my whole life. In my early years, I studied classical piano in the Royal Conservatory of Music (RCM). Through those RCM studies, I entered my compositions in national songwriting contests and won second place in Canada Music Week. I attended university for music, immersing my life in my music passion. I obtained my bachelor’s degree in Jazz Studies (Vancouver Island University) and went on to achieve my Master’s of Fine Arts in Music (California Institute of the Arts).

I love teaching all ages for vocals, guitar, piano, and bass. I can also help you with home recording and song composition.

What Students and Families Are Saying: Sandra, Parent of Students Emma and Sebastian

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