New Students

Thank you for your interest in music lessons with Mage Music!

  • Please fill out the registration form to be added to the waiting list and to inquire about lesson availability times. ⭐️ You may also request a private consultation or an office hour with other students.
  • You will then be invited to a 1-hour consultation. ⚠️ Please note that the calendar that is described in the video will be provided to you upon registration.
  • If a consultation time slot is not available, you may request to be invited to an office hour on a Thursday.
For the best experience please provide a Google or Gmail email address as the Zoom meeting information will be sent via Google Calendar.
  • You will be placed on a waiting list, and once there are available time slots you will be billed for one month of lessons plus the $20 registration fee. Note: There is no charge for the initial consultation if attended during office hours.
  • If it is partway through the month and an opening is available you will be billed for a partial month.
  • The default payment option is autopay.
  • Please note that your booking is NOT yet confirmed until you see it in your Google Calendar with a Zoom conference link (you will receive an invitation that you will have to accept to confirm your lessons).
  • You are welcome to join the schedule exchange swap list to see if you wish to have the option to reschedule your lessons by swapping times with another student; lessons are eligible for reschedule this way if 24 hours notice is given.

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