What is the Basic plan?

Last Updated: April 10, 2022

The Basic plan (formerly known as the Ongoing Support package) allows the student to study asynchronously with a private teacher.  This allows efficient use of both parties’ time.  Videos are exchanged in much higher quality than during a live stream or videoconferencing session.

From Tonara: (the platform used for music lessons communications at Mage Music):

Ongoing Support packages give you the option to learn from a teacher without holding a live lesson. Support can happen via chat messaging in Tonara Connect or Tonara Studio, where you can receive advice via audio and video recordings and text messages. Through Tonara Studio, you can also receive detailed assignments and track your practice sessions.


At Mage Music the Basic plan is available for only $120/month (*price subject to change depending on demand), and that gives you access to:

  • Weekly individualized asynchronous lessons via the Tonara Studio app and Google Chat
  • Prerecorded videos and videos made just for you
  • Option to request designated office hours per week with the option to meet live with the teacher

The Basic plan is the terrific option for students who:

  • would like individualized feedback but do not have time to take live lessons at a certain time. Please note: you would still need time to practice of course!
  • are on the waiting list and would like some coaching while waiting for a live spot in the schedule.
  • have an internet connection that is not strong enough for live lessons.
  • prefer to perform without the teacher watching live
  • prefer to work on their own without having to reserve a weekly time slot (they can purchase individual lessons if time is available)

Students on the Basic plan may request office hours and are eligible for recitals, competitions, examinations, prizes, and select workshops.  They may also purchase additional live lessons on top of their package only if time permits in the teaching schedule.

Students on the Basic plan must submit practice assignments, which typically consist of videos, audio tracks, and written work done by the student, before 11:59 PM PT every Tuesday in order to be eligible for a professional evaluation from the teacher.

Basic Plan Policies

  • If students do NOT submit an assignment before the deadline of 11:59 PM every Tuesday the student will not be allowed to submit two sets of assignments; the student will have to submit what they missed as the teacher has limited times to assess your work.  It is important to do assignments BEFORE the deadline in order to progress in your music practice and learning!  A “set” of assignments is whatever the teacher assigns for you that week as marked in Tonara.  
  • If the teacher for any reason was unable to assess your assignment during a teaching week (there are designated non-teaching weeks; please refer to https://magemusic.net/events/ for details) the teacher will give you double assessment time the following week (so you may submit two sets of assignments if the teacher was unable to provide feedback for you the week before).
  • As always for young children it is so important to receive support by an adult such as a parent or guardian while learning.  It is especially important that the adult helps guide the young beginner with getting the devices set up for watching lessons and recording their practice.  If the child and parent/guardian do not understand the teacher instructions they are welcome to request office hours or send a question in the chat (the question will be answered during the office hours).
  • Office hours will be posted at https://magemusic.net/events/ , and you will be sent a link to the shared Google Calendar which contains all the Zoom meetings for meeting live with the teacher.  You may have to wait in the waiting room for several minutes as the teacher may be helping another student before it’s your turn.  Priority will be given to the order in which the request for assistance was received.
  • Students may request to speak privately with the teacher for a few minutes, and the other students will be placed in the waiting room.


By offering a flexible option Mage Music ensures that students still get regular engagement and teacher feedback, both of which are essential for making progress when learning music.