How to Increase Exposure for Your Creativity: 4 Essential Tips for Musicians

Guest post by Marissa Perez

Image from Unsplash

Do you dream of getting your songs out there? Perhaps you’re looking for an audience to share your music with. Ultimately, if you’re creative, exposure is everything. You need exposure for financial freedom, to live your dream, and also to validate what you’re doing. If you’re looking for tips to get discovered and get the word out there, keep reading as Mage Music Studio shares everything you need to know below.

You Need to Be Confident and Motivated

We won’t sugarcoat it – gaining exposure can be a long and stressful journey. The best tools you can have during this time will be the values of confidence and motivation. After all, you can only reach your goals if you believe they are possible. And the more confident you are, the longer you’ll be able to stay motivated to achieve your goals. It will also keep you standing firm in the face of criticism or obstacles. Remember, don’t take a passive approach to your music – waiting around endlessly for a producer to discover you or a label to sign you won’t cut it. You need to leave the studio, find your audience and make your work known. The more you do this, the more chances you have of getting discovered – quickly. 

Create a Business Plan

Michigan State University reports that a business plan acts as a roadmap for success. Creating a business plan can help you grow your business and improve your chances of success. When brainstorming your creative business, consider your selling strategies, business structure, funding opportunities, and business description. You can keep referring to your business plan as your creative journey progresses. This can keep you accountable and motivated for all the goals you want to achieve. 

Market Yourself

According to Marketing Schools, self-marketing is the art of personal branding to help you achieve exposure and recognition. The biggest tip we can give you regarding self-marketing is consistent promotion. Use social media channels to showcase new music, share behind the scene snippets or engage with your audience. Once you start doing so, you’ll see your personal brand messaging improve. In addition, be sure to use compelling photos of your work when sharing. If you need a free image background remover, use an online tool to help remove unnecessary backgrounds so your audience can focus directly on your piece. You can also place your newly edited images on different backgrounds and new environments and designs, which can be an excellent way to explore your creativity. 

Seek Out Networking Events

The creative industry is founded on networking and contacts. Who you know will matter, as they may be able to help you or connect you with the right people. Never underestimate the importance of that one make-or-break contact and how they have the potential to transform your music career. To start building your connections, start by striking up a conversation with others in your industry. You may also want to attend networking events and join networking groups to meet others on the same journey as you. Volunteering for local events and getting involved in your community is a fantastic opportunity to gain exposure and meet like-minded individuals. 

Being seen and heard is an essential part of today’s world. You need to prioritize exposure to make it as a creative and get your work out there. Use tools to help design different social images or manage your social media to facilitate this. So keep at it – take it step by step, and you’ll start improving your exposure in no time.

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Marissa Perez wants to share her knowledge with those who have decided to take on entrepreneurship. She co-created Business Pop to provide insight and advice to those who aspire to succeed in owning a business.