Introducing the Tonara Studio Platform, Moving Music Education Forward

At Mage Music, our studio philosophy is Passion leads to Practice which creates Progress. Students know how important it is to practice, but often we music teachers know just how hard it is to get some students to realize this. Perhaps we have heard some students say that practicing is “boring” or “tiring.” But rest assured that have a solution here, the Tonara Studio platform, which inspires teachers, students, and families to work together toward the common goal of learning how to make music.

Tonara utilizes leading edge technology that makes it easy for teachers to send assignments complete with video/audio recordings, worksheets, scores, and written notes. Students can conveniently install the Tonara Studio app on their smartphones and tablets and use it to review their assignments and track their practice times.

Teachers can send students stickers and reward them with points that they can use to “buy” stickers and digital frames to help “dress up” and personalize their Tonara profile. And one of the best things is that the student can reach out to the teacher via text and video/audio messages, all through the Tonara app. Teachers can even set up student groups to have students communicate with each other and encourage motivation.

The leaderboard in Tonara lists students and their practice points to create a friendly competitive environment which empowers students to be their musical best!

Are you a music teacher who is interested in giving the Tonara Studio platform a try? Use our discount code Tonara_Studio20 to receive 20% off your first month of the subscription.

⭐️ To submit this coupon, please visit the Tonara Studio website, click on the ‘Membership’ tab to your left > go ahead and pick the relevant membership package for you> submit the coupon code: Tonara_Studio20 under the title ‘ Coupon’ and then click the ‘Apply Coupon’ Button to your right side of the slide. 

💬 If you need help please send me a message or contact me.

Mage Music Studio is so grateful for Tonara connecting us through technology and inspired motivation. Thank you Tonara for brightening our musical journeys! 🙏🏽 🎶

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