Best Free Guitar Apps 2020

by Shaira Williams

Looking for the best free Guitar Apps? Well, this post is precisely for you. 

Learning your favorite instrument virtually can be challenging, but there’s a brighter road only after crossing through the hard parts. With plenty of online apps, picking one can be confusing, especially if you are a beginner. 

In this article, we have handpicked the best 10 Free Guitar Apps in 2020 that are compatible with iOS and Android devices so that you can start learning your favorite instrument without any more hurdles in no time.

So, without more ado, let us dive into the best applications!

Best Guitar Apps 

  1. AmpliTube 

AmpliTube is one of the well-known apps that has been chosen by beginners as well as expert guitar players. The app comes with cool features and allows you to do anything in the music world. From recording, playing with chords to demos, the app comes with robust features and is more prone to the studio. 

Besides its cool features, the app is straightforward to use. You can perform most of the tasks using its drag and drop feature. However, you still need some knowledge and prior experience to analyze proper sound models. 

The app comes with various stompbox effects such as chorus, octave, delay, fuzz, and more. Additionally, it lets you wire the effects using two microphones, five cabinets, and five amps. If you are looking for an app that brings tons of functionality along, AmpliTube is the best app. 

  1. Yousician 

Yousician is another application design perfect for beginners and intermediate level users. The app comes with a clean and modern interface with a written curriculum to help you get started immediately. Yousician is ideal for guitar, ukulele, and bass. 

The app comes with tons of robust features. You get over 1,500+ tutorials and step by step guides about the basics and tunes. Additionally, the app also provides feedback instantly after your performance to understand the area of improvement. 

The app gives you thousands of song exercises and lessons that you can work on too. Besides, the app is compatible with both iOS and Android. If you are looking for the best free guitar App to boost your music skill, Yousician is the right pick.

  1. GarageBand for iOS

GarageBand is one of the most famous music apps, especially for iOS users worldwide. GarageBand lets you turn your iOS device into DAW without making any hassle. You might use a Touch Tool, a microphone, or a guitar and immediately record approximately 32 songs, as well as select extra free instruments from the sound library.

GarageBand is one of the best beginners DAW and intuitive DAW. Insert a robotic drummer who will play along your track to add that additional layer of credibility to hold you in time, and you’re done. It’s that simple with GarageBand. 

Besides, Recording, mastering, and exporting a song can also be achieved at 24-bit audio fidelity, and you can even upload the track straight to YouTube or Soundcloud. All the magic of being an expert in Guitar is now in your pocket with GarageBand! 

  1. Ultimate Guitar: Chords & tabs

Ultimate Guitar is one of the best apps to consider if you are looking for the best quality Guitar app. The app consists of one of the enormous chords and tabs databases, so you can find any tablature you are looking for in the app within. Besides, the interface of the Ultimate Guitar is straightforward to use and beginner-friendly. 

The app is suitable for beginners as well as pro players with its extensive GuitarTool pack embedded inside. It compromises a tuner, metronome, and a personalized library. You can start with Chords and Tabs and later browse their vast library as you learn if you are beginning. 

The app comes with plenty of excellent features. Furthermore, it also comes with an auto-scroll feature. You can download the app for free on AppleStore and Google Store quickly. Additionally, if you like the app and need additional features, you can upgrade to the paid version. 

  1. AnyTune

AnyTune stands out more than other guitar apps on the list. What makes the app unique from the rest of the apps is how it lets you play with various tempos of songs without affecting the pitch. The app comes with tons of potential. However, what matters here is how well you use it. 

AnyTune is an ideal app for beginners to get started with. The app is quite fun to use once you get to know the interface and settings. The app lets you slow down or speed up the songs depending on your needs without any trouble. Besides, it also allows you to start slowly and increase the tempo as you go further. 

Although the app may not be as versatile as others on the list, you get plenty of unique features. You can download the app for free on iOS devices. What else does a beginner need except for a free app with perfect features in it? 

  1. Guitar Tuna 

GuitarTuna is yet another free application available that facilitates quick tuning. Secondly, it is the best alternative for android device users who cannot download the Polytune app on their device. GuitarTuna is developed by the same team as Yousician and comes with similar features and algorithms.

Another incredible feature of the app is that it comes with the latest noise cancellation technology so that you can learn the guitar without any disturbance. The app is ideal for beginners as well as pros and is perfect for Ukulele, Bass, and Guitar. 

The app provides upto 15 different tunes that can be utilized as per requirements. The interface of the GuitarTuna is clean, intuitive, and customizable. If you like the free version and it suits your needs accurately, you can also upgrade to the pro version of GuitarTuna for additional benefits and functionalities. 

  1. Play Guitar Hits

If you are using an iOS device, Play Guitar Hits should be on your must checklist. The app is lightweight and can be downloaded for free on any iOS device. One of the app’s unique features is that it lets you customize the interface as per your needs to design the interface the way you want. 

The app comes with plenty of highly interactive videos that can be used to learn your favorite song and play the same tune. You also get access to various playthrough videos to learn multiple helpful techniques to play guitar. You can switch to the dual-screen feature that lets you play the guitar on one side and play the tutorial on another side. 

The app offers various unique features, including allowing you to select different levels of experience. The app is truly a versatile guitar learning app, and undoubtedly, one of the best Guitar Apps available for free on the internet. 

  1. Real Guitar 

If you are looking for a perfect Guitar Stimulator, look no further than Real Guitar. The app works perfectly on smartphones and tablets and is compatible with android as well as iOS. The app comes with a recording mode and allows you to export into MP3. With this feature, you can make your songs, record them, and further export them. 

The app comes with support for multi-touch. This is crucial when playing chords. However, if you want to use multi-touch features, you need to have a device that comes with multi-touch capabilities. You also get track loops to play along to. 

Real Guitar is the perfect app to convert your smartphone into an acoustic or electric guitar for free. With its 1500 chords, you can learn and play any song you want. Additionally, it records in studio-quality audio. Although the app is available for free, you can upgrade to the premium version if you want to remove ads and add more value to the application. 

  1. SmartChord

SmartChord is an all-in-one application for guitar learners and pro players. The app was initially developed to learn chords, but it evolved into a comprehensive app with excellent functionalities as time passed. The app is fully compatible with Android devices. 

The application comes with tons of features to determine tone, various scales, predefined tunings, and basic metronome. Another unique feature of the plugin is the SongBook. You can find songs you love and save them without the need to create an account or register. 

Besides, you can also export or import music without restrictions. You will find a million chords and fingerprints within the app and come with all the basic tools to get started. The app supports training for Guitar, Bouzouki, and Mandolin. From the ultimate chord reference to the setlist, the app is ideal for anyone who needs a virtual Guitar. 

  1. Justin Guitar 

Justin Guitar might be the last on the list, but definitely not the least. One of the significant reasons why beginners tend to lean towards the app is their extreme beginner-friendliness. The app provides hundreds of helpful lessons by Justin Sandercoe, so you can learn the basics and start humming to your favorite tune in no time. 

Inside the app, you will find a tuner, helpful lessons and tutorials, and a massive library of over 1000 songs that you can play along to. Additionally, what we love about the guitar app is that it tracks your progress from the beginning and gives scores to learn about how you are improving daily. 

Additionally, you can start playing from where you left. The app is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. You can use it on mobile phones or tablets. Furthermore, there are various in-app purchases available for additional features if you want to get the app’s best. 


And that is a wrap to our Best Guitar Apps for 2020 list. Some of the apps are more versatile than others on the list. While some apps come with straightforward interfaces, some apps come with extra functions, which others lack. 

However, in the end, you are the decision-maker, depending on your needs. Irrespective of the app you choose from the list, you will have a great time learning your favorite instrument. 

Shaira Williams is a tech enthusiast and fitness enthusiast. She writes about technology, apps, WordPress and a variety of other topics.