The BEST EASY-TO-USE Microphone Solution at Mage Music!

(Better than Blue Yeti!)

“What?” you say.  Yes…there is actually an external USB microphone that works better than the Blue Yeti for the purposes of interactive music lessons.

Not only does it work with Mac/Windows, but it also works on Chromebook and iPad Pro!

Introducing the Samson G-Track Pro (click!). 🤩 🎤 

Why is this microphone the best easy-to-use one?

  • It allows you to capture your voice AND instrument at the same time.
  • If you have an electronic instrument such as electric guitar, digital piano, or electric bass, OR if you have an acoustic guitar/bass with a pickup, you can plug it directly into the microphone via a 1/4″ instrument cable!  Or you could plug a backing track into it.
  • It has a built-in basic mixer which allows you to adjust the levels of the actual microphone and whatever instrument/device is plugged into the mic.
  • You can change the mic’s pickup pattern from omnidirectional to cardioid, to figure 8. Omnidirectional means it captures everything in the room, while cardioid is designed for a voice to be 6-12 inches or so in front of the mic, and figure 8 is for two singers.

⬅︎ Highly recommended as first choice. What are you waiting for? A worthy investment!

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