Video Subscription

Mage Music is pleased to announce the video subscription which allows students to access instructional videos as taught by Mage, NCTM. These videos cover various method books, repertoire sheet music, and techniques. Please note that if you would like access to content that covers published material from books and sheet music that you will need to have a licensed copy of the material.

Licensed books and sheet music may be found at the following resources:

The difference between trying to learn “by yourself” with a book or sheet music and learning with the assistance of videos from a certified teacher is that you will learn FASTER and be more FOCUSED; there is less chance of getting lost with the videos! 😊

Of course if you need the interactive guidance of a certified teacher and would like help with the progress that you make by sending videos of your playing or meeting during office hours then upgrading to the Ongoing Support package is recommended.

The video subscription is available at $12.00/month, and new videos are added weekly.

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