Google Calendar

For Lessons, Recitals, & Other Events

Mage Music uses Google Calendar to send students and families their lesson confirmations and list available events.

A Google account is required to see all of your lessons and events at Mage Music.
  • If you are a student with a scheduled lesson your event details will show up on your Google Calendar as well as in an email message. *Please note that if you signed up for recurring lessons it’s possible that you might receive only one email message with all recurring events listed.
  • Please note that a Google account is required for access to Google Calendar. *If you have a Gmail email address that is also a Google account.
  • Make sure to provide your updated contact information with the Google account that you wish to use for music lessons.

Google Calendar may be accessed via the following ways:

The following articles are for setting up your Google Calendar. After clicking on the article please make sure to select whether you are using a computer, Android, or iPhone & iPad.

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