A Tea for Singers

(Or Anyone Who Wants Throat Relief)

by Mage, Teaching Artist & Musician

Note: As per the manufacturer Traditional Medicinals, “*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Some people like using lozenges to relieve their sore throats. But those can take a while to melt—what if you need to reduce the pain while you are singing and are better off taking sips in between songs? That’s where teas like Traditional Medicinals’ Organic Throat Coat® come in.

How does it work?

According to Traditional Medicinals’ website the key ingredient is slippery elm. The company also mentions marshmallow root and licorice as being significant ingredients for soothing the throat.

The three different formulas of Organic Throat Coat® include original, lemon echinacea, and eucalyptus. Lemon echinacea is supposed to help with the immune system, and eucalyptus is supposed to help with the respiratory system.

But does it really work?

All I know from experience is that many voice teachers recommend Organic Throat Coat® and that it does soothe my throat when I drink it. Other singers I know drink this tea and swear by it too. Back when I attended jazz school for my undergrad my voice teacher recommended it too—that’s how I found out about it! But later on when I was working at a computer tech support job that took a toll on my voice, and I ended up getting vocal nodules that required therapy the vocal therapist who helped squash those nodules said that there is no way that drinking a tea can “coat your vocal cords” because drinking any fluids including water does NOT directly touch the vocal folds (you’d choke if it did!), though it DOES hydrate the body which allows the throat glands to produce the necessary lubrication—she said that there is no harm in drinking it. So whether it really works or not at least it helps to soothe the pain, plus drinking a non-caffeinated beverage helps anyway since we need to stay hydrated when we are singing.

Different Formulas

• Original
• Lemon Echinacea
• Eucalyptus (New—I still have to try this one!)

Other products that I have used that have successfully soothed my throat include Yogi’s Throat Comfort® and Singer’s Saving Grace® Non-Alcohol Soothing Throat Spray – Professional Strength. The second one is more of a spray tincture, and it feels not quite minty, but it is strong—there is definitely a sensation going there that is hard to describe!

Should I drink it?

Please refer to the FAQs at Traditional Medicinals’ website for information on safety and allergens; they recommend to “check in with your doctor or other healthcare practitioner before using any of our teas.”

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